Sunday School

Educating about God’s Word

Providence Church loves God’s Word, and gathers around it in a variety of settings, such as

  • 10:00 a.m. Sunday School for all ages.  In addition to classes for children and youth, there are four adult classes.  There’s a place for you on Sunday morning!
  • Disciple Bible Study is a 32 to 34 week intensive grounding in the Bible.  Participants meet weekly for 2 hours as a group, reviewing the past week’s reading.  A workbook guides members 6 days every week in prayer, reading, and reflection.  Classes begin every September.
  • Wednesday morning Bible Study led by the pastor takes place from 10 to 11 except in the summer.  We study books of the Bible or seasonal themes (Christmas, Easter).  This is a great time for adults to learn and fellowship.
  • Sunday evening studies take place in the weeks leading up to Christmas and Easter.  Usually led by the pastor, these are opportunities to focus on specific themes in our faith.
  • Other special classes take place throughout the week as needs and interests arise.  Want to know more about a special topic?  Tell us!